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We are family. Owned and operated by the Lukens Family since 1999.

All of our products are made without the use of artificial flavors or gums. Our dairy products are True Whole Milk, 4.5% butterfat on average. We never separate the cream out or homogenize the milk. Because we don't remove anything, we don't have to add synthetic vitamins back in.

*All of our products are Vat Pasteurized and ready to eat. Please keep refrigerated, consume or freeze by the "use by" date.
*Animal care- We have used organic style farming before organic was cool. We still do today. We promise that the animals will have pasture access (weather permitting) and grass to graze on. We believe we are stewards of the land and animals are do our very best to keep everyone healthy and happy.


Kefir- Thick and smooth. Offered in Plain, Vanilla and Raspberry.

Yogurts- European Style, Cream Top, Full Fat. Offered in Plain, Vanilla and Honey.

Chocolate Milk - Without any thickeners or gums. It's really good, trust us.

Goat Milk- The best you will ever try.

Whatcom Red- Raspberry Smoothy



    • Q: Why is your milk different?

      Almost all milk is separated and homogenized. We don't do either.

    • Q: What does "separated" mean?

      Separation is a process where they take all the cream out of the milk and add it back in to achieve the 1%, 2% & 3.25% that you see in stores. They add synthetic vitamins back in the milk to replace what has been taken the during the process. We don't do any of that.

    • Q: What does "homogenized" mean?

      Homogenization is a process where they pressure treat the milk so the cream won't raise to the top. Some say the fat molecules are harder to digest after that process. Either way, we don't do that.

    • Q: Why don’t you make Half & Half or Ice Cream?

      We do not currently have a separator, all of our products are cream top. The milk that we get from our cows is untouched except for the vat pasteurization process that it goes through.

    • Q: Is your milk A1 or A2?

      We use breeds known for their A2 beta casein protein, but they are not certified.

    • Q: Do you sell outside of Washington State?

      Currently we are not licensed to sell outside of the state of Washington. We will be going through the process to get our permits shortly though!

    • Q: What breed are the cows that you use?

      Our cows are Jersey and Guernsey.

    • Q: Do you practice safe and humane animal husbandry?

      Yes we do! We love our cows and we understand the importance of keeping our cows happy and stress free. Happy and relaxed cows produce more milk with a higher cream content. Our cows are pastured whenever weather permits. When they are not out in the pasture, they are fed fresh silage cut from our own fields. They are kept warm, dry, fed, and happy!

    • Q: Where are the goats?

      Some are on our farm, but most of our milk come from our neighbor farm who produces it for us!

    • Q: What is the difference between yogurt and kefir?

      The beneficial bacteria found in yogurt help keep the digestive tract clean and provide food for the friendly bacteria found in a healthy gut. They pass through the digestive tract and are called transient bacteria. The bacteria in Kefir, on the other hand, can actually colonize the intestinal tract. Kefir also contains a far larger range of bacteria, in addition to containing yeasts.

    • Q: Why is yogurt good for you?

      Eating around 18 ounces or two cups of yogurt a day, while maintaining a well-balanced diet that is low in calories, can help you to decrease the amount of fat in your body. People who followed this plan, lost 22 % more weight and 81 % more belly fat than dieters who didn't eat yogurt (research from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.)

    • Q: Why don’t you make greek yogurt?

      At this point, we don’t have the needed equipment for greek yogurt.


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    New research suggests kefir should be hailed as a superfood. Here’s why:

    Boosts Your Immune System

    In addition to stronger antibodies, Kefir supports detoxification by flooding the digestive system with probiotics.

    Your Probiotics, Delivered

    Because it provides more probiotics than yogurt, Kefir provides an easy and drinkable way to get your daily fill of probiotics and improves digestion of lactose.

    Loaded With Good Stuff

    A great boost of calcium and protein for building bone density and muscle. Plus, it’s packed with essential vitamins like vitamin B, Vitamin K, Folic Acid, Magnesium, and Potassium.

    Be Healthier, Day and Night

    Kefir can also treat and improve common digestive problems such as irritable bowel disease, gastric disease, and heartburn. It can even be used as a sleep aid, contains Tryptophan, an amino acid proven to improve sleep.